Alex Fleming0-3g is a stand up comedian from Brooklyn, NY. Hailing from sunny San Diego, Alex decided he wanted to see what all the fuss about “weather” was about and moved to Boston for school in 2005 where he started acting in comedies and doing impov. In 2010 he moved to New York to be a magician and a rock musician and somehow ended up a stand up comedian instead. When not performing comedy he ran a magic and occult podcast where other New York comics can get their fortune read with tarot cards, and is now working on a new podcast about Lost coming January 2018. Just to make sure he’s trying way to hard Alex also makes games.

Alex just retired his two long running New York live shows, Stand and Deliver, a stand up comedy showcase with John Bilancini as co-host and co-producer, and “Dunces n’ Dragons”, the show Alex produced and co-hosted at Q.E.D. Astoria is officially retired. The show included comedians doing their set while doing fantastical challenges like having to eat a jalapeno after each punch line or doing their set blindfolded and wearing headphones blasting Iron Maiden.

af with beer

Email Alex at or follow him on twitter @alex_h_fleming.