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greatquestion_2048pxCan you tell the future by looking at a deck of cards? Do you believe in God? Why not? Can we truly perceive reality even though our senses are flawed? Ex-magician and tarot card reader Alex Fleming speaks with a number of rather unusual people to explore their fates.

Formerly titled “My Dark, Unholy Cardcast” this program follows almost two years of supposedly “psychic” readings. Unable to keep up this chicanery, Alex admitted that magic wasn’t real and started asking people to talk about their beliefs and experiences with supernatural feelings.

Guests include stand up comedians, musicians, clowns, nutritionists, programmers and prominent dog walkers of New York City. You can also¬† find the official west coast franchise “Great Question West” as a segment on The Ghostwave, courtesy of your pal Gordo over at

Great Question

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