Will Watkins (@williamawatkins) finds out if he’ll ever be comfortable in his own skin. Coree Spencer (@coreespencer) joins as a special guest cohost. We talk about crystals, halloween decorations and living in florida. More episodes are available at www.greatquestionpod.com. Follow Great Question on twitter @1greatquestion. Please leave us a nice review on Itunes. It would… Read More

Coree Spencer (@CoreeSpencer, www.cinderblockcomedyfestival.com) and Chris Vespoli (@ChrisVespoli, www.chrisvespoli.com) ask the dog tarot cards questions about their careers and personal finances. Chris wants to know when he’ll pay off his debt, and Coree wants to know about the future of her comedy festival. If you downloaded this episode in April of 2016 then there is… Read More

Coree Spencer and Jay Ackley talk about tarot cards. Discordianism is dissected and Alex tells a story about the rule of fives. Free will is questioned.… Read More