You were honest and self sacrificing. You get raptured. \n\n<html>\n<img src="" />\n<br/>\n<br/>\n<em>YOU GO TO HEAVEN AND CHILL WITH GOD PLAYING POOL AND DRINKING SMIRNOFF ICE</em><h1>FOREVER</h1>\n<img src=""/.>\n</html>
<<silently>>\n<<set $powerup = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\n\n<html>\n<h1>YOU HAVE BEEN POWERED UP!</h1>\n<img src="" />\n</html>\n\n[[Look at those clues again, you Super Detective!|crimelab]]
You decide not to call anyone's parents. They're just having fun. \n\n\nSuddenly a giant alien saucer comes down from the sky. A horrible beam of light demolishes the earth. You can't help but wonder if this event is related to you not saying anything to those parents. \n\nYou can't help but feel guilty for the destruction of the earth. \n\n<html>\n<img src="" />\n</html>
<<set $conspire = "True">>\n\n\nA man smoking a cigarette, not to be consfused with a cigarette smoking man, leans against a lamp in the pouring rain. His cigarette is rain-proof. \n\n"Want to know the truth? I bet you don't even know what happened!"\n\n[[Listen to the man|conspiracy]]\n[[Continue on to the nerd sanctuary|nerd]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $powerup = "no">>\n<<set $conspire= "False">>\n<<endsilently>>\n<html>\n<h1>YOU ARE A DETECTIVE</h1>\n\n<p>Its just a normal day on the job. But then some cop dude you work with hands you a tweet from the Chief. \n</html>\n\n\n[[Read the tweet|tweet]]\n\n\n\n\n
"I want to play a little game"\n\nA bunch of weird wires shoot out of the ground and try to attach themselves to your brain. \n\n[[avoid the wires|game]]\n<<if $conspire eq "True">>\n[[Remember something about that conspiracy man|saved]]\n<<else>> \n<<endif>>\n\n
Why would you want to do that? \n\nAre you sure you want to do that? \n\n[[You're right, I want to live! Duck!|duck]]\nNo, because there is a [[secret|secret]] that I've been hiding|
You fail to duck. You are hit by the magic blast and turn into a really annoying small dog. For some reason the only thing that can satisfy you is the sound of jangling keys. That's so weird. Wait, suddeenly you feel really into the idea of eating some lawn right now. Let's go do that!\n\n<html>\n<iframe class="vine-embed" src="" width="480" height="480" frameborder="0"></iframe><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>\n</html>
Why am I thinking about that conspiracy guy that I saw. Oh yeah, Now I remember something about signing some crazy document and the NSA and hacking into Djaani Dep's mind. Right....!!!\n\n\n<html>\n<h2How could I forget that the Canadian government paid me to kill Djaani Dep and brainwashed me to forget about it afterward! ></h2>\n</html>\n\nLike a Bourne out of his amnesia, you use your MMA skill to defeat all the computer wires coming at you. You take the carcass of the defeated automaton assailant out of the room and get on your Macbook Hair. You tweet out the news to the world. \n\n<html><h2>Hey guys, whoops, my bad, it was me! I killed Djaani Dep. Sry!</h2></html>\n\nsuddenly you are enveloped in a [[warm white light|raptured]].
You enter the nerd sanctuary cautiously. The lights are all out except for a few choice blacklights that make your teeth and white tee-shirt glow in the dark. At least your teeth aren't yellow!\n\nFrom nowhere- a booming computerized voice speaks to you:\n\n"Hello Dave"\n\nHow did it know your name was Dave!\n\n"I've been expecting you"\n\n[[What!??!?!|computer]]\n
Forget dealing with all this crap. You high tail it out of here and go to a waterpark. \n\n<html>\n<img src="" />\n</html>\n\n\nOh, yeah, I should probably go back to the [[crimelab|crimelab]] or something. It is my job. \n\n\nWhatever.
<html>\n\n<h2>@policechief: Hey guys, we just found out Djaani Dep is dead :-/</h2>\n\n<p>The killer left a note, too. It said, “In Your FACE!” Holy wow! My day is like totally ruined forever. </p>\n\n</html>\n\n[[Go to the crime lab|crimelab]]
You find the old wizard's cave but it is all WEIRD! Heylainah Bownaym Kaartir, Djaani's friend is tied to a cauldron and she's already half turned into a newt! There are SKELET0NZZ everywhere! \n\n\nThis was a bad idea!\n\n\nThe wizard looks at you with fire in his eyes. \n\n"Begone intruder!" He shouts and a blast of magic erupts from his wand and screaches towards you. What will you do?!\n\n<html>\n<img src="">\n</html>\n\n[[duck|duck]]\n[[dive into the fire|dive into the fire]]
You find an abandoned factory. Nothing here but rust and disappointment. No longer is there a thriving cotton candy industry in this town. It doesn't seem any use to you right now.\n\nMaybe in another game.Try something else!\n\n[[Go to the carnival|carnival]]\n[[Go to the Drive-in!|theater]]\n[[Go back to the crime lab|crimelab]]
The chief gives you all the information. His body was found recently in the river. Forensics found trace whisps of cotton candy in his hair, stains of mountain dew on his white onesie and noted that his internal organs smelled strangely like brimstone. \n\nThere's only one thing that you can do. And that thing is to use your detective skills to crack the case and FIND THE KILLER!\n\n[[get crazy into your head space so you can activate your detective powers|powerup]]\n\n<<if $powerup eq "yes">>\nWhich clue do you follow?\n[[The strand of cotton candy|cottoncandy]]\n[[The scent of brimstone|brimstone]]\n[[The stain of Mountain Dew|dew]]\n<<else>> You don't feel powerful enough to examine the clues right now.\n<<endif>>\n\n<html>\n<iframe class="vine-embed" src="" width="480" height="480" frameborder="0"></iframe><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>\n</html>
Why did Djaani's insides smell like brimstone? That's so weird. \n\nWait, suddenly you remember this weird detail from this Harry Potter fanfiction you read this one time. It said that certain magical effects leave a trace smell of brimstone on their victim. \n\nObviously! Djaani was killed by magic from a spellcaster! Duh! This is 2013, why didn't you figure that out sooner!\n\nWhere is there a wizard in town. Oh yeah that crazy guy who lives out in the cave in the woods. Let's go visit him!\n\n[[Visit the wizard's cave|wizard]]
You've been waiting for this day. Because all along, the killer of Djaani Dep was...YOU. \n\nSee, it turns out that another one of your personalities, also known as The Strangeside Strangler, was in fact the actual killer of famous actor Djaani Dep. \n\nWHAAAAT?!\n\n\nTHE KILLER WAS YOU ALL ALONG!\n\n[[get raptured|raptured]]
You call the parents, but the parents scold you on not finding who killed Djaani Dep. Honestly that is a higher priority than whether or not their kids are making out right now. \n\n[[Go back to the crime lab|crimelab]]\n[[Go to the cotton candy factory|factory]]\n[[Go to the carnival|carnival]]
\nYou try to avoid the wires but they get you anyway. They use tiny suction cups to attach to your brain and within seconds you find yourself loading into a strange virtual reality environment that reminds you of a cross between Tron and the Matrix but waaaaaaay cooler and not so lame. \n\n"Are you ready to play the game, Dave?"\n\nYou were born ready. You know this is all there is anymore. Only the game stands between you and this computer killer. You don't even think about Djaani Dep. You. Just. Play.\n\nBEGIN THE GAME!\n\n<html>\n<iframe class="vine-embed" src="" width="480" height="480" frameborder="0"></iframe><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>\n</html>
That strand of cotton candy in Djaani's hair piqued your interest. There's only one place that still sells cotton candy like that anymore. \n\n[[Go to the Carnival!|carnival]]\n[[Go to the Drive-In movie theater!|theater]]\n[[Go to the cotton candy Factory!|factory]]
Doesn't seem to be anything here at the Drive-In but a bunch of teenagers making out. Someone should call their parents!\n\n[[call their parents|parents]]\n[[don't call their parents|noparents]]
You arrive at the carnival when suddenly you are struck by the incredible sadness of this place. This is not a land of wonder. This is not a bastion of fun. This place is really sad. And it makes you depressed. You forget about the case and decide to become a carny instead. \n\n<html>\n<iframe class="vine-embed" src="" width="480" height="480" frameborder="0"></iframe><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>\n</html>\n\nTHE END
\nThat stain of mountain dew is telling. Djaani must have been hanging around with video game nerds, who else would drink such a foul beverage!?!\n\nYou think you know of a nerd sanctuary some 30 clicks north by south north from here. You grab your super detective badge and go check it out. \n\n[[Enter the nerd sanctuary|nerd]]\n[[Go back to the crime lab|crimelab]]\n[[Talk to conspiracy man|conspiracy man]]
The conspiracy man looks you right in the eye. His intensity burns through the back of your head and comes out the other side before going back...and to the left--\n\nand then it kicks in. \n\n\nSomething clicks in your brain. You. know this man. \n\n[[face the truth|truth]]\n[[live in denial|denial]]\n\n
You are ready to accept the truth. \n\nYou already know what the conspiracy man is going to say to you, because you [[remember the truth about Djaani Dep's murder|secret]]