Merlin got sick. He was coughing and hacking.


<<set $usemagic = "yes">>\nMerlin used his magic to create a portal into the future. He pulled a television out of the vortex\n\n[[Awesome! Go Back|Call]]
Merlin called in sick and spent the day in bed. He used his magic to create a portal into the future so he could watch "Seinfeld" and "Two and a Half Men." Merlin was a little confused by the future, but he thought these shows were really funny. \n\nWhat a good day. \n\nThe End. \n\n<html>\n<img src="" />\n</html>
Merlin decided it was too busy of a day to call in sick, he needed to go in to work anyway. \n\nUnfortunately not everyone had the same wizardly immune system as Merlin. Everyone in King Arthur's court got sick. Half the townspeople started polymorphing into sheeple because of the magical virus. \n\nWhoops. \n\nThe End. \n\n<html>\n<img src="" />\n</html>
<<silently>>\n<<set $usemagic = "no">>\n<<endsilently>>\n<html>\n\nMerlin got sick. He was coughing and hacking. \n<img src="" />\n\n\n</html>\n\n[[Next |Passage 2]]\n\n
Merlin was supposed to go in to work today for King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Should he go in to work or call in sick? \n\n[[Go in to work|Work]]\n[[Call in sick|Call]]
Merlin decided to call in sick. What should he do? \n\n[[Use magic|Magic]]\n<<if $usemagic eq "yes">>[[Watch TV|TV]]<<else>>Watch TV<<endif>>\n[[Sleep|Sleep]]
Merlin's Malady
Alex Fleming
Merlin decided to sleep all day. He had the strangest dreams\n\n<<if $usemagic eq "yes">>In his dream the television sprouted wings and flew away. Merlin found himself standing in front of a crowd. Everyone was cheering. But then he realized they weren't cheering for him at all. Nobody was looking at him. Behind Merlin, standing on top of a very tall podium, was a small boy with dark hair, glasses and a strange scar. Merlin got very upset and started casting a spell but the boy interrupted him with a newer, stronger magic that made Merlin no longer relevant. \n\nHe woke up in a cold sweat.<<else>>\n\n\nHe woke up the next day and felt much better. <<endif>>\n\nThe End