Another day at school. Another lecture. Ms. Mackentawsh is rambling about the Roman Empire. I wish something interesting would happen today.

Fiddle with your pencil
\nA crash! A beam of light. Blue streaks of particles spill out of a torn piece of thin air, shooting dancing sparks out of what smells distinctly like a Time Void. \n\nA figure appears in the mist. It's Russel Crowe! He's wearing what looks like his costume from Gladiator and the leather glows blue in the light of the Time Void. \n\n“Greetings, young one. I am the Time Crowe. I travel all throughout time, going on adventures and teaching people like you about history. Would you like to come with me on a magical mystery tour of time?”\n\n[[Go with the Time Crowe]]\n[[Sit this one out]]
You decided to sit this one out. You like Ancient Rome way better when its just a boring idea you don't need to think about. It would totally ruin it to see it in a fun and exciting light. \n\nAs you drift off back to sleep- a vision creeps across your mind. It's the Time Crowe- and he's showing you a vision of your future! You're working a dead end job and you hate your life. If only you had gone with the Time Crowe to realize that learning about history can be fun! Now you are doomed. \n\nGAME OVER\n
What do you mean you don't care! You're on a magical time mystery tour! Of course you care!\n\n\n[[Totally Care]]
"Class, today we are talking about the Roman Empire and Julius Caesar. Does anyone know who Julius Caesar was?"\n\n[[Raise your hand.]]\n[[Fall asleep]]
Go with the Time Crowe\n\nWelcome to Rome!\n The Time Crowe barely finished waving his hands. Smoke from the Time Leap dissipates slowly, revealing a huge Aqueduct in the distance. The coliseum looms nearby, the rabble inside shrieking with delight at some spectacle unseen. Dust fills the air. People are going about their lives.\n\n[[Stay in Rome]]\n[[Go to Another Time]]\n
That man was a tyrant! You zap Caesar with your Time Zapper. Brutus turns around. “I was going to do that! Thanks little buddy. As a token of your appreciation- I'd like to have a statue of you built in the center of Rome. \n\nThe Time Crowe looks at you strangely. He wasn't expecting that. He shrugs his shoulders.\n\n“Oh well.” Another puff of smoke. The Time Crowe returns you to your own time. But for some reason there is this big statue that looks just like you in Rome. No one seems to comment. \n\nYou win!
*POOF* Another time cloud transports you to Caesar's Palace, but this time it's the real deal. There is a man in a tunic holding a knife standing a few meters away from -oh my gosh-it's really him! The Julius Caesar. \n\nBut wait- that man with the knife- that must be Brutus! He's going to mmmmm….mmmm…..mmMM…mmurder that man!\n\nThe Time Crowe hands you a time zapper (shaped oddly like an Egg Timer). You know what to do.\n\n[[Save Caesar]]\n[[Don't save Caesar]]\n
The Time Crowe turns to you. I've brought you here for a reason. Not just for you to see the Ancient World. But there is someone in this time who needs your help. \n\n[[Don't care]]\n[[Totally Care]]
Another day at school. Another lecture. Ms. Mackentawsh is rambling about the Roman Empire. I wish something interesting would happen today. \n\n[[Fiddle with your pencil]]
Ms. Macentawsh: "Yes! You. There at the desk. Can you tell me who Julius Caesar was?"\n\n[["He was the emperor of Rome"|Emperor]]\n[["He was a salad designer"|Fall asleep]]\n[[Fall back asleep|Fall asleep]]
You grip the Time Zapper (Egg Timer) in your hands and point them at Brutus. \n\n“STOP!” You shout. Brutus, lunges towards Caesar, knife in hand, but abruptly vanishes as the Time Zapper sends him into the late cretaceous. \n\n“Very well done” The Time Crowe is smiling at you. Suddenly, huge black wings burst through his gladiator armor. The sounds crackles likes like a microwave with a piece of tin foil inside. The shadow of the wings is cold, it embraces the ground and churns stomachs for miles. \n\n\nCaesar and Time Crowe leap into the air for a slow motion anime high five. They begin to cackle maniacally. \n\n“Thank you, for releasing me from my fate. I could not have done this without your help. \n\n[[Return to your own time]]
WHOOPS!\n\nThe Time Crowe goofed and took you to a time when the earth has been replaced with only lava. You melt in the lava. \n\n\nGAME OVER
The Time Crowe returns you to your own time, but something is very wrong. Everything looks normal, except there are little Caesar heads over every sign, every buildling. Giant robotic crowes fly in the sky, laughing at the people below. \n\n"Help!" Shouts a man before a crowe snatches him into the air. \n\nThis is all your fault. \n\nThe End
Alex Fleming
The Time Crowe
"Correct! And do you know what happened to Caesar?" \n\n[[Fall asleep|Fall asleep]] while the teacher is talking to you\n